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About Us

Amberle and Julie are just two friends who swear a lot. They might be a little opinionated and they might not care what other people think. They decided to share their humor, style and vocabulary on their products.

This site is not intended for people who are offended by profanity. If you are this kind of people, don’t post comments, don’t send us emails, don’t contact us. We don’t care what you think.

Amberle and Julie have been sporting profanity in their wardrobes for years. A lot of their friends and sometimes total strangers inquired about their t-shirts. They decided to go for it and see if people would buy their stuff.

Recently they have evolved and started the #LakeLife line. They are both lake babes and needed the proper apparel, so they designed their own. They can personalize anything for your lake too. Email thestore@seitzlife.com for more info.

Julie is the artist, web designer and self-proclaimed boss. Amberle is the salty bitch who comes up with most of the great ideas and has a mild case of OCD that comes in handy keeping things organized. Together they make a pretty great team.

If you wanna see what they do in their free time, the best way to stalk them is on Instagram. Follow Julie @SeitzLife and Amberle @AmberleBeal