FamforSeitzLifeI’m Julie. I’m a 40ish mother of two awesome sons, Brandon & Luc. I recently became the YaYa to beautiful Lizzy. And JP has called me YaYa for five years now. We all live in the heart of The Heartland. I’m a graphic artist, web designer, photographer and a mom. The boys have turned into men, I have a few gray hairs now, but we are all at a pretty good place in our lives. I’m single and I date, but I don’t talk about it here —well, maybe a little bit. I’m waiting for that special boy to hold my hand. Two boys have done it before, but I’m waiting for the next one, or maybe I’m waiting on one to come back. All of us work and all of us play. We are a very close family and this provides me with a lot of material to write about. We are far from perfect, but we are a family. And as a family, we are perfect.

Rockin' my 'Listener of the Day' t-shirt, 9-23-16.
Rockin’ my ‘Listener of the Day’ t-shirt, 9-23-16.

I may have an unhealthy attraction to Anthony Bourdain—we should have shared a meal. I had the perfect place to take him. I wonder if I would have been too nervous to have an intelligent conversation with him? I would have taken a list. I miss his presence every day.

I love the Chicago Bears. And when forced to watch baseball, I will always choose the St. Louis Cardinals. Yadier Molina is the best catcher in the MLB and is just fun to watch. Mike Matheney is the sexiest man in baseball. One day I will have my picture taken with the Cardinal mascot, FredBird (it’s #8 on my bucket list.) UPDATE: Photo taken with FredBird April 20, 2016.

March Madness is my favorite sports time of the year and my heart always roots for the Louisville Cardinals. I watch almost every single game and my soul renews itself. I love basketball and everything about the tournament. I love filling out my bracket and I hate that my dad always beats me.

I’m a work in progress and probably always will be. I’m ever-evolving and ever-growing. I’m chasing dreams and always believing that something amazing it about to happen. Maybe today is the day. I live full time at the lake and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’ve dreamed my entire life of getting here.

I write about a lot of things in this space. I write about my life, I write about world events, I write how-to’s occasionally and sometimes I give stuff away. This started as my online journal, and progressed into what it is now.

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