Rainy days.

It’s a beautiful rainy day in southern Illinois. So I have time to play some needed catch-up on some paperwork and to write a quick post. I apologize for the lapse in freebies, they will be back very soon.

For the past few weeks I have been contemplating the quote by Hermann Hesse, “Some of us think holding on makes us strong; but sometimes it is letting go.”  I have realized that I have been holding on to something for way too long. I have learned that I can’t make decisions for other people, no matter what my motive. I cannot make people do the right thing. And I cannot protect someone from themselves. I also have came to realize I think all people are genuinely good, and this is not the case most of the time. This came to me as a kind of epiphany. It doesn’t make me happy, but it at least gives me some closure. Now, time to move on.

Moving on means establishing obtainable goals, formulating a plan and then sticking to it. I’m working on that right now. It’s a work in progress, as am I, and hopefully it will come to fruition soon. Maybe I need to change jobs, change towns, or just change my attitude. All of those choices require a lot of thought and way too much effort. But, I’m a 40ish woman, who is strong, smart and very resourceful. I’ve been thru worse and I will get thru this.

Freebie Jeebie #005 (Binder Project)

PhoneLogTHMBHere is one of the most-used pages I have in my binder. I use it every time I call a Doctor’s office, have a question about a bill, credit card companies—anybody I call. It is so handy if I call back to be able to tell them when I called and who I talked to. My short-term memory has gotten horrible as I have gotten older an this is a great way to keep track of everyone I talk to on the phone. While e-mail is my favorite mode of communication, sometime only a phone call will do. It’s always good to have a way to “cover your butt” form when questioning any kind of bill, etc. This is a great Print it, use it, share it, but please don’t remove my logo. Enjoy!

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Freebie Jeebie #004 (Binder Project)

BillTHMBThis is a page I use for each bill I have. I label them for each monthly bill. For example: Electricity, Water/Gas, Cell Phone, TV, or anything else that you might pay every month such as Rent, Trash, etc. I don’t use these for any kind of monthly payments, I have a different page for them. Credit Cards and Car Payments go somewhere else. I will have that page available for download soon. The element I like the most about my bill page is at the bottom of each page is the day of the month it is due. Most bills are due around the same day every month. I have been known to misplace a bill or two, and being able to refer to this page to see when a bill is due has saved me a few times. Hope this page helps your get organized. And please download it, use it, share it, but please don’t take off my logo.

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Freebie Jeebie #003 (Binder Project)

UandPTHMBWe all have alot of sites we visit that require a username and password. I actually have way too many. I didn’t realize how many I had until I bought my last new laptop. And it’s good to have to put in with your important papers in the event that you are unable to access your computer. It seemed like every day I was trying to remember what email address I had used with each particular site so I could recover my password. It was then that I decided to make a hard copy for my binder. And here it is for you to download. Print it, use it, share it, but please don’t remove my logo. Enjoy!

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Freebie Jeebie #002 (Binder Project)

CalendarTHMBNext on the list is a calendar. It includes from September 2013 til December 2014. I have tried to include all the major holidays, but may have missed a few. Each month is two pages. I take a 3-hole punch and punch holes on the right side of the first page of the month and punch holes on the left side of the second page to create a two -page spread for every month. The next few days I will be posting the rest of the bare essentials for your binder and then next week I will get into the specialized forms that I use.  Next time to go to office supply store pick up some dividers that can be labeled (A package of 8 is what I use.)

As always, feel free to use it, share it, print it. But please don’t alter it or take off my logo. Enjoy!

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Freebie Jeebie #001 (Binder Project)

BinderCoverTHMBSo, I’m going to try something new—I’m going to give some stuff away. Every week or so I will post a digital file for FREE downloading. The first project is home organization. I have a three ring binder for both my household and the boyfriend’s. We use these to keep track of bills, dr appts, prescription refills, important information, etc. I’m going to explain how I use these binders to make my life easier and to keep things organized. I have gleaned info from other sites along the years and they have helped me come up with my own way of doing things. Hopefully these will help your household, or at least get it going in the right direction. I will post each different kind of page I use for FREE downloading as well as an explanation of how I use it.

For starters, here’s the cover. It’s a 8.5×11 inch, high-res file that is perfect for printing. Feel free to use it, share it, print it. But please don’t alter it or take off my logo. One more thing, please leave me a comment if you download. And when this project is complete I expect some pics of completed binders with their happy owners.

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ChalkboardQuote01Recently I have became good friends with Writer’s Block. That might be a little misleading, I actually have alot I want to write about, but respecting the privacy of some people in my life has played havoc on what I can write here. So, in my attempt to find a topic I took to my “Words” board on Pinterest for inspiration and found this quote. I am sure that nothing I ever write will be perfect, but I am sure gonna give it a try. I know my grammar will sometimes be questionable and I am sure my spelling will be even worse, but hopefully a story will come out in the end. But today, this is all I have. Hopefully tomorrow will bring a story. If not, maybe I will just post one of the recipes from my kitchen. Either way it will be a win/win.

And progress on the diet is moving along. Day 3 and I haven’t went over my self-imposed 2,000 calories a day limit. Next Monday I start the workout part of the diet.

Hello world!

My brother Daniel with his awesome family—wife, Alisa and kids, Connor & Claire.

So, for the first post on the new blog I decided to write about the diet I started today. I’ve been talking about it for a month, and today is the today it starts. I hope I am not setting myself up to fail and writing on here will help me stick to it. I just need to lose about 30 lbs. No big deal, right? The only “non-diet friendly” item I am allowing myself is one Mountain Dew every morning. I have to have a jolt of caffeine to get my day started. And it’s only 23o calories.

Today is my “little” brother’s 39th birthday. I do not know when he got so old, but I do not like it. It seems like just yesterday we were playing in mom and dad’s yard, showing sheep, etc. *sigh* As everyone knows, it sucks to get old.

Please read My 100 and The Cast pages to get all the info you could possibly need about me and my family. I think we are all pretty ordinary, but sometimes we have extraordinary moments that I will share.