So, after yesterday’s explanation of what has been going on with Saul and Tina, I decided to just start the ball rolling on getting to the bottom of this. I found Tina on Facebook and sent her this message (I have only edited the names to post here, I used the real names in the message):

It has been brought to my attention that the conversations and text messages between Saul and myself, and Saul and other people are being intercepted. He has also told me that you claim to have a friend and ex-classmate who works for the FBI who is relaying the information to you. My attorney and myself would like his name.

It was promptly marked as seen and then I was blocked. Imagine that. I wonder why she wouldn’t give me his name. Maybe because he doesn’t exist?

After a few well placed phone calls I have found out that recording me without my knowledge and then using that information is a very serious crime. Impersonating a Federal Agent is even more serious. Of course, I only know what Saul has told me. He assures me she has said she has heard a lot of our conversations, as well as others Saul has had with other people. After speaking to him he assured me everything he has told me up to the point is truth and he will be honest with investigators as they try to get to the bottom of this. Can’t wait for the truth to come out and the drama to stop.