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Happy but uninspired.

Gratuitous pic of my perfect grandbaby, Lizzy.

I am fighting a horrible case of writer’s block right now. I am having no problem writing for other people, but for myself, it’s been a battle lately. Everyone on the planet seems to be doing creative, fulfilling things and I’m just over here doing the same ole’ thing I have always done. I can’t write an inspired product description to save my life.

The squad and I are still sticking to the “Be Happy.” mantra with a lot of success. But some days are just a struggle to get out of bed and make myself presentable. My shoulder has been screaming lately, which means it’s a huge distraction and affects my concentration.

There is absolutely nothing going on in my personal life. Working 12+ hours a day doesn’t leave much for socializing. But I’m OK with it for now. Winter will be here soon and that means hibernation and hopefully not leaving my house for many days at a time. I like hermit mode.

I am actively involved in a love affair with my new Fire Stick. I was burnt out on NetFlix and the Fire Stick has given me the freedom to watch absolutely anything I want, just don’t ask me how. Right now I’m watching Perception.

I’m knee deep in designing a new product line for The Store @Seitzlife. The launch is this week, but I’m not ready yet. Tomorrow I will work all night. This line is not in the model of what we design and carry at The Store, but I am super excited about it. I have just not had the time recently to devote to it like I would have wanted. But the launch will go on without a hitch (hopefully) and everyone will love this stuff as much as I do. Maybe I’ll post a sneak peak on here tomorrow.

The only other news is the weather. It’s October 8 and it was 85 degrees today. Everybody is bitching about it, the weathermen are hopelessly wrong with their forecasts and crazy people still deny global warming. But that’s an argument for another day.

Go out and be happy.

Ready for next year, after another nap.

Immediately following the Survivor Lap and Caregiver Lap. Walking the Team Lap with mom. She is incredible!

Yesterday morning after being up for 32 straight hours and driving 2 hours, I happily dropped into my bed and took a 5 hour nap. The 2014 White County Relay for Life was Friday from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. My team, “Seitz on a Cure” raised $10, 713 and the total for the event is approaching $70K. Lots of teams are still turning in money and I am hopeful we may actually reach $75K. I am sleep deprived and it is one of the best feelings I have had in a very long time.

At 6:15 Friday night, the strongest woman on the planet walked the survivor lap for the second time—my mom. Last year she walked it for the first time. When I look back on last year’s pics I remember how so very sick she was. This year she was a lot better. She walked it with all the other proud survivors and they rocked it! Sadly, my friend and survivor Karen Thompson wasn’t able to walk this year. She is a 14+ year survivor and because of her fight she was unable attend, but she will be next year. And I missed seeing Jeannie Heibert walking the Survivor Lap. Heaven gained an angel this year—a brave, beautiful angel.

Mom was honored to help carry the Survivor Lap banner and my dad was a banner carrier for the Caregiver Lap. I do love these laps, but my favorite has to be the next lap—the Team Lap. My team is so incredible and we were so well represented. With our signature safety green tshirts we are always easy to spot on the track. I am proud of the fact we had somebody on the track at all times. We are the only team that can claim this. Next year’s Relay is only 360ish days away and we are already talking about what goals to set and how we can achieve them. Don’t worry, I will keep posting and I will keep asking for donations.

Also, each year my dear friend Jack Baker lovingly donates his time and talent as a photographer to capture some amazing images from the event. Click here for just a sampling of what he captured this year (and buy some). I can’t wait to see the rest!

Our county co-chairs Barb Walters and Patty Hodgson are amazing. They keep all of us Committee Members on task and motivated. They also believe we can do anything as a family, and now we are all one great big family. We have big dreams for Relay in White County and I feel so thankful just to be a part of it. I can’t wait for next year!

Play ball.

BuschStadiumToday was an absolutely great day. First, I found out I’m going to get to see the boy on Monday. Second, my mom got an outstanding report from her oncologist. Everything is still shrinking, even tho her last dose of chemo was February 8, 2013. This is phenomenal! Third, thanks to my friends at Shawnee Communications, I am taking mom and dad to see the St. Louis Cardinals play the Cincinnati Reds at home at Busch Stadium. This is the second game of the opening series of the year. It ought to be a great night to be at the ballpark!

This morning I heard that this was the International Day of Happiness. I could not have planned a happier day if I had tried. The great news from my mom’s oncologist was not expected. Dr. Ziegler at Oncology and Hematology Associated in Evansville, Indiana is the greatest gift we could have asked for since we started this Cancer journey. She has always been upfront and honest with us—always telling us the good, the bad and the ugly. And I appreciate that. I always wanted to just know exactly what was going on and what we needed to be doing.

So be happy today! Hug those who you love. Celebrate life’s little victories. And have some fun.

Just one thing.

Purple-EDITEDA friend recently asked me what I wanted for Christmas. I didn’t even have to think about it. I want The Cure. I want everyone who has cancer to wake up Christmas morning and be cancer free. The American Cancer Society estimates that about 13 million Americans have cancer right now. (2010 was the most recent numbers I could find.) They also say that 1 in 3 Americans will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime. And this year, 2013, 1.5 million people will be diagnosed with cancer for the first time. These numbers are just mind-blowing to me. That’s 13 millions families who deal with cancer every day. Patients, families, caregivers and friends who think about cancer every minute of every day. What can we do? I’m not a doctor, nurse or researcher, but the American Cancer Society has many services for patients, support for caregivers and sponsors research, just to name a few things. Last year was our first year to  participate in the White County Relay for Life. Our team “Seitz on a Cure” (like us on Facebook), walks for my mom.  But with all the money we raise, along with every other team, it’s not enough. The American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network (ACS CAN), is a nonpartisan advocacy affiliate of the American Cancer Society, supports evidence-based policy and legislative solutions designed to eliminate cancer as a major health problem. ACS CAN works to encourage elected officials and candidates to make cancer a top national priority. ACS CAN gives ordinary people extraordinary power to fight cancer with the training and tools they need to make their voices heard.  This gives the cancer patient a voice in our government. It helps keep cancer research on the front burner of American politics.

Enjoy the holidays this year and please consider giving to the American Cancer Society and the American Cancer Society Action Network (ACS CAN) and maybe next year I can wish for something else.

Hello world!

My brother Daniel with his awesome family—wife, Alisa and kids, Connor & Claire.

So, for the first post on the new blog I decided to write about the diet I started today. I’ve been talking about it for a month, and today is the today it starts. I hope I am not setting myself up to fail and writing on here will help me stick to it. I just need to lose about 30 lbs. No big deal, right? The only “non-diet friendly” item I am allowing myself is one Mountain Dew every morning. I have to have a jolt of caffeine to get my day started. And it’s only 23o calories.

Today is my “little” brother’s 39th birthday. I do not know when he got so old, but I do not like it. It seems like just yesterday we were playing in mom and dad’s yard, showing sheep, etc. *sigh* As everyone knows, it sucks to get old.

Please read My 100 and The Cast pages to get all the info you could possibly need about me and my family. I think we are all pretty ordinary, but sometimes we have extraordinary moments that I will share.