BuschStadiumToday was an absolutely great day. First, I found out I’m going to get to see the boy on Monday. Second, my mom got an outstanding report from her oncologist. Everything is still shrinking, even tho her last dose of chemo was February 8, 2013. This is phenomenal! Third, thanks to my friends at Shawnee Communications, I am taking mom and dad to see the St. Louis Cardinals play the Cincinnati Reds at home at Busch Stadium. This is the second game of the opening series of the year. It ought to be a great night to be at the ballpark!

This morning I heard that this was the International Day of Happiness. I could not have planned a happier day if I had tried. The great news from my mom’s oncologist was not expected. Dr. Ziegler at Oncology and Hematology Associated in Evansville, Indiana is the greatest gift we could have asked for since we started this Cancer journey. She has always been upfront and honest with us—always telling us the good, the bad and the ugly. And I appreciate that. I always wanted to just know exactly what was going on and what we needed to be doing.

So be happy today! Hug those who you love. Celebrate life’s little victories. And have some fun.

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