Gratuitous pic of my perfect grandbaby, Lizzy.

I am fighting a horrible case of writer’s block right now. I am having no problem writing for other people, but for myself, it’s been a battle lately. Everyone on the planet seems to be doing creative, fulfilling things and I’m just over here doing the same ole’ thing I have always done. I can’t write an inspired product description to save my life.

The squad and I are still sticking to the “Be Happy.” mantra with a lot of success. But some days are just a struggle to get out of bed and make myself presentable. My shoulder has been screaming lately, which means it’s a huge distraction and affects my concentration.

There is absolutely nothing going on in my personal life. Working 12+ hours a day doesn’t leave much for socializing. But I’m OK with it for now. Winter will be here soon and that means hibernation and hopefully not leaving my house for many days at a time. I like hermit mode.

I am actively involved in a love affair with my new Fire Stick. I was burnt out on NetFlix and the Fire Stick has given me the freedom to watch absolutely anything I want, just don’t ask me how. Right now I’m watching Perception.

I’m knee deep in designing a new product line for The Store @Seitzlife. The launch is this week, but I’m not ready yet. Tomorrow I will work all night. This line is not in the model of what we design and carry at The Store, but I am super excited about it. I have just not had the time recently to devote to it like I would have wanted. But the launch will go on without a hitch (hopefully) and everyone will love this stuff as much as I do. Maybe I’ll post a sneak peak on here tomorrow.

The only other news is the weather. It’s October 8 and it was 85 degrees today. Everybody is bitching about it, the weathermen are hopelessly wrong with their forecasts and crazy people still deny global warming. But that’s an argument for another day.

Go out and be happy.

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