BBQ Nachos are my new favs.

I have pledged to myself that I would write here more regularly. I have made this pledge in the past, and failed. But not this time. Being too busy is not an excuse. I’m making time for what’s important. It’s part of the “Be Happy,” mantra I have subscribed to lately.

I’ve eaten BBQ for the past two days at Paducah’s annual BBQ on the River. And of course, I ate entirely too much. It’s a three day affair and usually I have each day divided up into different menu items. It’s usually Brisket one day, Chicken another and then finish up with Pulled Pork on the final day. Well, last year I was only there two nights and didn’t get my chicken fix. I will not be making that mistake this year.

The crowd was good, but not overwhelming this afternoon. And the weather is PERFECT. Tomorrow I will cross a helicopter ride off my bucket list. I’m just glad it’s not Life Flight that is accommodating this ride.

There has been a lot of talk lately about choosing to be happy, and I’m sticking by it. I’m physically drained lately and it’s my own fault. I’ve worked some extremely long hours just trying to not think about things that make me no so happy. It is somewhat working, but not entirely. I still am awake between 5:15 and 5:30 AM every morning.

I’m seriously thinking about cutting down on my FaceBook activity. I have learned to love Twitter again and Instagram is just a happy place. I think I will only use FaceBook to check birthdays once a day and focus my social media presence to Twitter and Instagram. Problem solved.

My days have kinda ran together this week and I am actually looking forward to my days off this week. I will have worked ten days straight by the time they roll around and this girl needs a little bit of a break. I do love my job, but I’m tired.

So, that was my take on today. Nothing too exciting. Just my normal, dull life. But I hear, “dull is the new black,” and I’m going with it.

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