My team may only build websites, but I have to protect my melon.

It has been brought to my attention I have been smiling a lot recently. I am super busy, I have a huge, great project getting ready to start up and I am cool with my personal life. I have so many reasons to be thankful. I get to do a job I love every single day. I have surrounded myself with like-minded, creative, smart people and my mind has been on overdrive ever since. They have motivated me, challenged me and shown me how great it is to lead and be part of a fabulous team again.

A new project with a great friend is starting to come together too. We both needed a new place to write and I think we have created the perfect environment for both of us to produce some kick ass pieces. I will be talking about it more later, but hopefully we will launch in the next few weeks.

I have still got my guard up and I do not plan on letting it down, but I am playing smart right now and it seems to be working for me. I have taken the same attitude with my personal life I have in business—work hard, do good work, do not ever miss a deadline and if you make a mistake, own it. Personally this translates to play and love hard, always be the best I can be, never keep anyone waiting and say I am sorry when I am. I am still a work in progress, but this feels right.

I made my team custom hardhats this week. Seitz Construction is building a huge new website for a great client. I wanted to protect the big brains around here, so the hardhats just seemed like the perfect headwear for them. Sure, we build websites and there is very little danger involved, but safety first. I am sure the hardhats will spend more time on the desks then they ever do on  heads, but I wanted to mark the occasion with something we could keep. Mine is on my desk, but I am sure I will put it on from time to time, along with my work books whenever the contrators actually get started on the renovation.

I also came to the realization this week that I cannot unlove someone and I am not going to try. Timing is sometimes everything. And even though ours was evidently off, I am not going to regret what happened. I am not going to let anyone else define it and I am not going to let anyone else diminish it’s importance to my life. It is what it is and that is enough for me.

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