Sometimes I actually have to dress up for work and not wear pajamas. This makes my feet hurt and me cranky.
Sometimes I actually have to dress up for work and not wear pajamas. This makes my feet hurt and me cranky.

Every blogger I know has had a moment in their blogging life that makes them question every single thing they have posted. Now, I can add myself to the list. I made a commitment to myself when I started writing years ago (at my old gribco blog, which I have deleted)  I would not censor myself. Well, now I am censoring myself. Don’t ask why, because I can’t answer honestly. Just know there is a large part of my life that I will not be writing about ever again. My love life is off limits. Oh sure, my love life is very interesting, but there is actually a lot more going on with me outside the bedroom too. Plus, my love story is novel epic, so I’m going to save it for hard copy.

First, I signed a HUGE contract this past Friday. Second, I have another HUGE contract I may get next Thursday. Third, I have an unbelievable chance to do some kickass writing for a major midwest newspaper, and will be spending a few days with them next week. When I get a byline there, I can make another check off of my bucket list. Don’t worry, I will post it here when I do. Fourth, I have to finally have surgery on my shoulder. Compression fractures in my back + pinched nerves + degenerative cysts = pain for the past 10+ years. It has finally come to a head and in a few weeks I will probably be going under the knife. I’m scared, of course. But it’s my left shoulder, so I won’t be totally helpless for long and I have some great friends that are going to take care of me. I plan to do a lot of writing in the two weeks following surgery, so watch out because some may be drug induced. Could be very interesting.

As much as I have made a lot of my personal life public here, when someone unwanted reads it I feel violated. I have caught myself almost writing to the creeper. That stops after today. Someone inconsequential will not control how I write or my writing process. (Hey creeper, this is the last time I will ever think of you, or your desperate attempt to control a situation that is none of your business.) This is the one and only time I will ever let you into this blog. Get over it. Move on. Leave me alone. If you need something to read I can Google some mental illness websites that might help with your self-diagnosis.

Sorry, that needed to be said.

I have worked from my home office for the past 14+ years and the dress code is pretty lax. Well, right now I have been venturing out and drumming up some business and that requires some better attire. I’m not really thrilled about having to get “made up” almost every day for the past week and probably for a few more weeks to come, but it will be worth it. And hopefully my feet can get used to wearing my “ass kicking” heals again.

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